S2P-iPhone like media player

From one of the best Pocket PC Freeware developer A_C comes S2P ( Slide2Play ) which is a stylus-free iPhone like MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse and play your music files. Its a finger friendly iphone like music player for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

- WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1 Professional devices (with built-in Windows Media Player)
- free RAM: at least 3M

ChangeLog v0.55

  • added option (AlbumLayout) to have different position of Album displayed.
  • added support to HTC Diamond’s shake gesture - ShakeAction: 0 to disable; 1 to go to next song; 2 to go to next shuffle song.
  • added support to switch to Album View if your device has a button for changing orientation or a slide out keyboard.
  • more “even” shuffling on playback.
  • auto-pause the playback when headphone (either Bluetooth or wired) is disconnected (need S2U2 running in the background).
  • all graphics support high resolution, i.e. truely VGA.
  • simplified the AVRCP trick for Diamond (no need to manually start WMP).
  • fixed the system speaker issue when the playback is paused & resumed after a while.
  • some graphics changed.
  • some minor bugs fixed.
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