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iPhone by iTask

-iTask animated-iPhone like application

-You need to install Mortscript, and flash Player 7 to use this. (NOT flash lite)

-You have to put the iTask.exe file in the root of your device, and the folders there as well . The root is where the windows folder, program files folder is.

-Input.txt is where you do all modification. It is wise to have all 3 folders on your computer as well for easy modification, and then copy over to ppc.
All buttonimages are adressed in this file by numbers from 1-X, from the top left to the bottom right. Same with text, executelinks etc.

-Buttons should be 40×40 pixels. iTask gives the button roundness and shade, so you don’t need to add that. Background images: 240×320 pixels.

-All jpg files MUST be NON-PROGRESSIVE. Keep the file sizes low.

-For the flash interested crowd, replacing the jpg file with a swf-file should work, as long as it’s still called it’s original xxx.jpg name. Using the same size is recommended. To use any form of _root command is not recommended.

-Poweroff: Slide finger from left to right, from the far left side of the clock in “Main menu”.

-Device lock: Opposite direction of poweroff

Check out how your iPhone works!!

iPhone by iFonz

iFonz is a clone of iPhone interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 written in .NET ( you need the .Net Compact Framework for this to work )

- Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5 or 6
- Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5

check out how it works!!

iPhone by Wisbar

This iPhone theme was designed for your Pocket PC so you can have all the great features of the iPhone along with all the window applications.

You now can have the best of both worlds all in your pocket pc! The iPhone theme was designed to give you the feel of an iPhone. Now you do not have to switch to a carrier that has the iPhone, just download the theme and Walla, you have your own iPhone custom around your needs! iPhone Theme for Pocket PC.

Picsel browser-iPhone like web browser

With Picsel Browser-iPhone like browser, you can not only view your own documents, you can also check out your favourite websites, anytime, any place. Using Picsel’s patented content platform, users can pan and zoom each web page, enjoying all the original content, in its original online format, for the first time in the mobile space. And with download time significantly faster than dial-up, users stay engaged - and, therefore, connected - for longer. Picsel’s Browser works across the world’s most popular mobile devices, simply and quickly.

View your documents - Word, Excel, PPT, PDF and Images, through a ground breaking user interface which delivers amazing clarity and exceptional user friendliness. Now, you can use Full screen mode. The web comes to the mobile space. In its full, interactive excitement.

Usage Instruction :

Scroll up and down using finger movements
To Zoom in - double tap and slide the finger up
To Zoom out - doubletap and slide finger down
Zoom in/out can be configured to the D-pad , but trust me using ur fingers is way more fun

Cons :

Download doesnot work, so if u want to download anything u have to use PIE/Opera

Check out video of this iPhone like web Browser!!

pocketCM calender-iPhone like finger friendly calender

pocketCM calender is an iPhone like finger friendly calender. It enables a stylus free experience by scrolling with finger to browse the calender

In order to install: Unzip into a folder on your device. Simply run it (by double tapping in explorer for instance).

Calendar 0.2

  • Added the opportunity to delete events (stay pressed on an event a menu will appear
  • Added GSync tool, synchronize Windows Mobile Calendar with Google Calendar (two way, do not support recurence) - this is a separate exe that require the .NET 2.0 runtime (included in WM6.0 and above)
  • Bug fixes: people crashing at start should now be able to use it

Calendar 0.1

  • Initial release
enter developer's site HERE

S2V-iPhone like picture viewver

S2V is a stylus-free iPhone like picture viewing application. It can also be used to set up the wallpapers for S2U2 (v0.97 or later); assign a pic to a contact; set it as Today's wallpaper; or send it via MMS/email.

- WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1 Professional devices
- free RAM: at least 6M for QVGA

enter developer's site HERE

S2U2-iPhone like slide to unloack

S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) is a simple lock/unlock windows mobile freeware application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don’t use your device. And it’s has a CallerID function (but some devices may not work, so please try it first); S2P control plugin; and volume control.

- WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1 Professional devices
- free RAM: at least 1M for QVGA; 4M for VGA

Command Switch of iLock2:
iLock2.exe accepts the following command switches:
-slide to start/invoke S2U2
-nomsg to not to show any message even it closes itself & S2U2
-refresh to reload the registry settings & restart S2U2
-reset to reset the unread counts of SMS, MMS, email & vmail

Changes in v1.40
- added option “Power Save”; default is on (1). It aims to save the power:
1. by stopping all S2U2’s activities when the device is turned off (including when the screen is off only);
2. by not interfering the power management which is already done by the OS;
3. suggest users to try it with the default values of “Safe Mode” (0) & “Don’t Suspend Power” (0);
4. suggest to soft-reset the device after the installation of this version or changed this setting.
(However, if it’s found S2U2 consumes more power than before, suggest to disable “Power Save” (0). Then S2U2 would run in the same way as v1.3x)
- added option “Digital Battery” to display the remaining battery in percentage.
- added “inertia feeling” to the slide button.
- fixed the occasional problem introduced in v1.3x that the clock could not be displayed.
- fixed the occasional problem that the system is locked after dialling out.
- some minor bugs fixed.

enter developer's site HERE

S2P-iPhone like media player

From one of the best Pocket PC Freeware developer A_C comes S2P ( Slide2Play ) which is a stylus-free iPhone like MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse and play your music files. Its a finger friendly iphone like music player for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

- WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1 Professional devices (with built-in Windows Media Player)
- free RAM: at least 3M

ChangeLog v0.55

  • added option (AlbumLayout) to have different position of Album displayed.
  • added support to HTC Diamond’s shake gesture - ShakeAction: 0 to disable; 1 to go to next song; 2 to go to next shuffle song.
  • added support to switch to Album View if your device has a button for changing orientation or a slide out keyboard.
  • more “even” shuffling on playback.
  • auto-pause the playback when headphone (either Bluetooth or wired) is disconnected (need S2U2 running in the background).
  • all graphics support high resolution, i.e. truely VGA.
  • simplified the AVRCP trick for Diamond (no need to manually start WMP).
  • fixed the system speaker issue when the playback is paused & resumed after a while.
  • some graphics changed.
  • some minor bugs fixed.
enter developer's site HERE

pocketCM image viewver-iPhone like image viewver

PocketCM ImageViewer is a great iPhone like Finger Friendly image viewer , it comes from the same developer of the great Pocket CM. It used the Pocket Cm Framework and is an application in development so there might be some bugs in there. If you find one or have a feature request let the developer know about it.

ChangeLog :
* Set image to contact option, with cropping/scaling support.
* All image set to contact will have a maximum size of 320*320 (suitable for full screen call notification)
* New jpeg loader, up to 400% speed improvment on some image.
* Header buttong needs to be pressed on in order to work: avoid closing the app while rotating.

enter developer's site HERE

pocketCM contact manager-iPhone like finger friendly contact manager

PocketCM is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them just as simple and easy as iPhone.

Main features
1) Usable entirely with your finger, you’re stylus free like iPhone
2) Favorite contacts list, to easily find and call your friends
3) SMS handling, with SMS conversation mode: easily get into context, don’t switch back and forth to remember what was the last message
4) Fully customizable and themeable.

Developer's site

iDialer-finger friendlt dial pad

iDialer is a finger-friendly dialpad for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones. It’s simple, easy to use, speedy, and well integrated with iContact! It works with both VGA and QVGA, in both portrait and landscape mode! It can be used to replace your built-in dialpad or as an easy front end for GrandCentral.
For configuring it with Grand Central check for the instructions @

developer's site

iContact-finger friendly contact manager

iContact is a open source windows mobile Finger Friendly Contact Manager with scrolling contacts support. It’s easily skinnable, intuitive, and replaces the standard Windows Mobile contact chooser. Two skins are included by default: “default” and “iPhone”. The “default” skin has a diamond-like look and feel, and the “iphone” skin was designed to be as similar to the iPhone look as possible. iContact settings can be found in the Windows Mobile system settings menu. A soft reboot may be required after installing iContact before the iContact settings icon will appear in the menu.

screen shot of "iphone skin"

developer's site

iPhone by freestyl

See how freestyl turn you PPC to iPhone!!
The Freestyl Laucher allows you to configure 5 pages icons..each page holding 12 icons shortcuts to application, contacts, favourite website links, or files on your mobile device with iPhone interface!! It also support an unlimited number or rotating backgrounds, a weather applets, and contact applets.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 / 6
Flash Lite
.NET Framework


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