iPhone by iTask

-iTask animated-iPhone like application

-You need to install Mortscript, and flash Player 7 to use this. (NOT flash lite)

-You have to put the iTask.exe file in the root of your device, and the folders there as well . The root is where the windows folder, program files folder is.

-Input.txt is where you do all modification. It is wise to have all 3 folders on your computer as well for easy modification, and then copy over to ppc.
All buttonimages are adressed in this file by numbers from 1-X, from the top left to the bottom right. Same with text, executelinks etc.

-Buttons should be 40×40 pixels. iTask gives the button roundness and shade, so you don’t need to add that. Background images: 240×320 pixels.

-All jpg files MUST be NON-PROGRESSIVE. Keep the file sizes low.

-For the flash interested crowd, replacing the jpg file with a swf-file should work, as long as it’s still called it’s original xxx.jpg name. Using the same size is recommended. To use any form of _root command is not recommended.

-Poweroff: Slide finger from left to right, from the far left side of the clock in “Main menu”.

-Device lock: Opposite direction of poweroff

Check out how your iPhone works!!


there is no iTask.exe in the zip file..

iTask .exe is actually the file with the name iTask. Everything is included in the zip...enjoy~=p


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