Picsel browser-iPhone like web browser

With Picsel Browser-iPhone like browser, you can not only view your own documents, you can also check out your favourite websites, anytime, any place. Using Picsel’s patented content platform, users can pan and zoom each web page, enjoying all the original content, in its original online format, for the first time in the mobile space. And with download time significantly faster than dial-up, users stay engaged - and, therefore, connected - for longer. Picsel’s Browser works across the world’s most popular mobile devices, simply and quickly.

View your documents - Word, Excel, PPT, PDF and Images, through a ground breaking user interface which delivers amazing clarity and exceptional user friendliness. Now, you can use Full screen mode. The web comes to the mobile space. In its full, interactive excitement.

Usage Instruction :

Scroll up and down using finger movements
To Zoom in - double tap and slide the finger up
To Zoom out - doubletap and slide finger down
Zoom in/out can be configured to the D-pad , but trust me using ur fingers is way more fun

Cons :

Download doesnot work, so if u want to download anything u have to use PIE/Opera

Check out video of this iPhone like web Browser!!



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