GSlide-iPhone file explorer

GSlide, “GenericSlide”, is simply windows phone freeware list control with a kinetic slider interface. The twist of this control is that it is completley remote controlled from the outside, by default by MortScript. What you get out-of-the-box is a nice finger friendly file explorer but you can build many types of applications using this control. To install just drop the folder into your any folder. No installation needed.

Changes in 0.5.6

  • All new Oxygen skin with much more complete icon set (drawback is total size in kb)
  • Communication with GSlide is now xmlrpc standard.
  • More possibilities to make adhoc changes to events handlers (onApplicationStart, onApplicationExit, onTapAndHold, onBackTapAndHold, onClick, onDoubleClick, etc).
  • Tap and hold support
  • Renaming the menues is now possible.
  • Right sweep now takes you to the actions (cut and paste etc) as default (really easy to change in the context.xml file. Look for the onSweepRight tag.).


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